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Management Services

Management Services Points of Contact

Management Services is responsible for acquisitions, personal property, real property, claims and emergency management. Our employees and their responsibilities are listed below.

Larry Dunkin, Contracting Officer (501) 301-3130

  • Formal Contracts – Federal procurements over $100,000

  • Tort Claims

  • Vehicle Accidents

  • Federal Procurement Rules and Regulations

Ruby Smith, Purchasing Agent (501) 301-3139

  • Simplified Acquisitions – Federal procurements $25,000 & less

  • Fleet Program, including Fleet Cards, license plates and vehicle disposal

  • State Office copy machines

Vacant, Contract Specialist (501) 301-3145

  • Government Purchase Card Coordinator (Alternate Larry Dunkin)

  • Simplified Acquisitions – Federal procurements $100,000 & less (Alternate Larry Dunkin)

  • GPO printing (Alternate Ruby Smith)

Vacant, Realty Specialist (501) 301-3166

  • Real Property Leases (Alternate Larry Dunkin)

  • GSA Office Space, including alterations (Alternate Larry Dunkin)

  • Office Moves, including IT (Alternate Larry Dunkin)

  • Personal Property administration and disposal excluding vehicles

  • Reimbursable Agreements (Alternate Larry Dunkin)


Last Modified: 10/24/2012