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Financial Management

Financial Management Points of Contact

Kathy Anderson, Budget Officer (501) 301-3132

  • Works with the program managers in all aspects of financial guidance
  • Develops procedural instructions and policy guideline
  • Prepares month end/year end status reports for Program/Management Team Meetings
  • Prepares reports: 1311; Obligation to Academic Institutions; quarterly security reports
  • Develops the cost allocation spreadsheet/percentages
  • Monitors/establishes reimbursable limitations
  • Current year and prior year month end accruals
  • Back up Certifying Officer
  • Gathers information for Office of the Inspector General audits
  • Oversees status of all funds and makes any necessary adjustments
  • Provides overall guidance and assistance on all functions for Financial Management
  • Oversees/processes recovery documents
  • Integrated Acquisition System (IAS) approval

Cynthia Stanford, Budget Analyst (501) 301-3176

  • Prepares, develops and monitors area allocation expenditures
  • Maintains all aspects of Reimbursable processes
  • Maintains all aspects of the Government Travel card system
  • Processes lump sum payments for all types of employee leave records
  • Processes end of year (EOY) prior year and current year reimbursable accruals
  • Processes EOY Tax Exemption forms for Texarkana employees
  • Responsible for vendor 1099 issues
  • Time Inquiry System (TINQ) Adjustments: leave errors adjustments in the National Finance Center (NFC) system
  • Primary Certifying Officer
  • Monitors Protracts /Fund Manager for return payments
  • Integrated Acquisition System (IAS) approval backup

SuZette Shambley, Fiscal Technician (501) 301-3113

  • Maintain Vendor/customer records by updating and collecting data through the Vendor data Primary Vendor Database (PVND) system
  • End-of-month salary and benefit accruals
  • Monthly rental, janitorial and storage payments
  • All aspects of relocation including but not limited to: employee consultations, transfer estimation cost analysis, authorizations, voucher audit and submittal to NFC, awards, transportation documents (TP) documents, Commercial Bill of Lading (CBL) payments and reconciliations
  • Program payment processing: (WHIP, EWP, CSP, AGREEMENTS, LITTLE RED, BUFFALO TRIB, & GRAND PRAIRIE), obligation clean-up, decreases, increases and cancellations.
  • Provide guidance/training to field office personnel on vendor W-9 request and modifications in Protracts and Funds Manager.
  • Liaison for program coordinators and program analyst for Vendor data rejects in the finance system

Jody Townsley, Fiscal Technician (501) 301-3128

  • All aspects of Time-Keeping/Payroll operations to include but not limited to: corrections, leave error reports, leave audits, and provides information as needed to timekeepers throughout the state
  • Fed Traveler inquires
  • Back-up for PVND updates for the state
  • Program payment processing: (WRP, SWCA, EQIP), Obligation clean up- decreases, increases and cancellations
  • Prepares motor pool estimated expense report
  • Process various miscellaneous payments such as employee physicals, training registration fees, utility accounts, etc.

    Last Modified: 08/27/2010