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CTA 2009 Annual Report

Conservation Technical Assistance 2009

The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s (NRCS) Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA) Program provides technical assistance supported by science-based technology and tools to help people conserve, maintain, and improve natural resources on their land.

The CTA program provides the technical capability, including conservation planning, design, and implementation assistance, that helps people plan and apply conservation on the land. This assistance is provided to individuals, groups, and communities who make natural resource management decisions on private, tribal, and other non-federal lands. NRCS, through the CTA Program, provides conservation technical assistance to address state and national natural resource conservation issues.

Highlights - 2009

  • 300,683 acres of conservation plans written
  • 7 watershed or area-wide conservation plans developed
  • 102,917 acres of cropland with conservation applied to improve soil quality
  • 227,405 acres of land with conservation applied to improve water quality
  • 238 Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP) written
  • 247 CNMPs applied
  • 82,957 acres of land with conservation applied to improve irrigation efficiency
  • 170,872 acres of grazing and forest land with conservation applied to protect and improve the resource base
  • 37,055 acres of non-federal land with conservation applied to improve fish and wildlife habitat quality
  • 5,169 acres of wetlands created, restored or enhanced
  • 15,983 acres of land and water resources benefitted by Resource Conservation and Development projects
  • 10 local businesses created or retained in rural communities
Conservation Practice Practices Installed Amount Installed
Access Control 119 5,490 acres
Brush Management 144 3,718.10 acres
Conservation Crop 133 2,546.90 acres
Conservation Crop Rotation 481 34,155.40 acres
Forage Harvest Management 291 6,213.50 acres
Irrigation Water Management 294 23,709.90 acres
Nutrient Management 1,876 59,401.20 acres
Pest Management 1,749 63,962.50 acres
Prescribed Grazing 941 21,793.40 acres
Residue and Tillage Management, No-Till/Strip Till/Direct Seed 115 7,593.10 acres
Residue Management, Seasonal 263 15,100.20 acres
Tree/Shrub Site Preparation 57 1,038.20 acres
Upland Wildlife Habitat Management 469 19,683.40 acres
Waste Utilization 542 10,349.00 acres