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NRI Cropland Erosion Soils

NRI Cropland Erosion

Total cropland sheet and rill erosion declined by 16% from 3.8 tons/acre/year in 1982 to 3.2 tons/acre/year in 2007. (Figure 11) The reduction reflects NRCS’s emphasis on working with producers and landowners to reduce erosion. This effort can be related to the implementation of the 1985 Farm Bill which required conservation compliance plans to be developed on highly erodible lands (HEL). The highest level of soil erosion reduction (8%) occurred during the five year period of reporting between 1987 and 1992 which coincides with the time the 1985 Farm Bill began to be implemented.

(Figure 11) - Sheet and Rill Erosion on Cropland

(Figure 11) - Sheet and Rill Erosion on Cropland

Photo of soil erosion on cropland  

Last Modified: 02/02/2011