NRI Surface Water Soils

NRI Surface Water

Arkansas has an abundance of surface water which is not always evenly distributed across the state. Surface water is divided into two categories: large water or small water. Large water includes water greater than or equal to 40 acres in size and perennial streams at least one-eighth mile in width. Arkansas had about 546,700 acres of large water in 2007. Small water is less than 40 acres in size or perennial streams less than one-eight mile in width. In 2007, Arkansas had 355,400 acres of small water. Over the last 20 years from 1987 to 2007, large water acres have been fairly steady with a minor increase of around 5,000 acres while small water acres have shown a more steady increase of 44,200 acres. In part, some of this increase can be attributed to the work of NRCS’ water conservation/management projects within the state utilizing the capture of surface water as opposed to using groundwater. 

(Figure 16) - Surface Water

(Figure 16) - Surface Water

Surface water photo

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