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CSP 2008 Annual Report

Conservation Security Program 2008

The Conservation Security Program (CSP) is a voluntary program providing financial and technical assistance promoting the conservation and improvement of soil, water, air, energy, plant and animal life, and other conservation purposes on Tribal and private working lands.

The 2008 Farm Bill replaces the Conservation Security Program with the new Conservation Stewardship Program for fiscal years 2009 through 2017. The program may enroll more than 12.7 million acres each fiscal year. Acreage will be allocated based primarily on each state’s or area’s proportion of eligible acres to the total number of all eligible acres. The program is managed by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

The 2008 Farm Bill provides for funding for all current Conservation Security Program contracts.

Highlights - 2008

  • 2004 - 79 contracts on 68,470 acres in the Little River Ditches Watershed
  • 2005 - 586 contracts on 480,002 acres in the Cadron, Lower White/Bayou Des Arc, Lower Neosho, Lower St. Francis and Little River Ditches watersheds
  • 2006 - 96 contracts on 57,734 acres in the Lower Arkansas Watershed
  • 2008 - 106 contracts on 103,492 acres in the Upper White-Village Watershed

Arkansas 2008 CSP Obligations by County

County 2008 Contracts Obligated 2008 Obligation Amount
Independence 4 $38,918
Jackson 40 $1,380,609
Lawrence 54 $1,794,596
Randolph 3 $86,740
White 4 $100,238
Woodruff 1 $67,118
Totals 106 $3,468,219