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South Fourche Watershed Site 1

South Fourche Watershed Site 1 - Perry County

  • Location: Perry County, 2nd Congressional DistrictThe principal spillway outlet plunge basin has severe erosion on Site 1
  • Federal Funding: $82,588

Project Description

If left untreated, severe erosion of the plunge basin will eventually undermine the principal spillway. The project consists of enlarging and reconstructing a portion of the plunge pool. The sides will be armored with riprap.


The 65-acre reservoir provides flood protection for 93 farms and 17,949 acres in the watershed. Site 1 is on the upper end of the watershed and contributes 30 percent of the drainage area to the benefited area of the project. Once the repair is completed, benefits for the citizens include public health and safety improvements. Water quality will be improved by reducing stream bank erosion.

Utilizing funding through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for Site 11, will also ensure the site continues to provide $131,194 of flood prevention annually.

The site is one of seven flood water retarding structures in the South Fourche Watershed.


  • USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • South Fourche Watershed District

Project Status

  • Construction is 100% Complete
  • Construction was successfully completed on July 2, 2010.
  • Final Cost $82,588