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General Manual AL Supplement No. 430 - AL1-Part 402.4.a

General Manual Alabama Supplement No. 430 AL1-Part 402.4-Subpart A

  January 13, 2011

Subject:  SOI Correcting Errors in Published Soil Surveys

Purpose:   To provide guidelines on handling errors in the soil survey.

Effective Date:  January 13, 2011

It has been noted in some published soil surveys that there are errors such as delineations within map unit symbols; delineations with different symbols; and delineations of the same map unit sharing common boundaries.

When errors are noted, the District Conservationist in the survey area is to be notified and he should record on a copy of the atlas sheet the exact location of the error. The discrepancy should be brought to the attention of the Assistant State Conservationist for Field Operations, who in turn will assign a Resource Soil Scientist to field check the map unit delineation in question and correct the error.

Corrections will be kept on file in the field office and a duplicate copy will be sent to the State Soil Scientist for incorporating into the county files. The District Conservationist should make the errors and corrections known to the MLRA Soil Survey Leader when the soil survey is approved for updating.

If there are questions, contact Charles Love, State Soil Scientist/MO-15 Leader at (334) 887-4517.


State Conservationist