Secrets of Soil Campaign

Unlock the Secrets of Soil VideoSoil Health - Unlock the Secrets in the Soil

NRCS is developing a national campaign to educate our customers and the public about the positive impact Soil Health Management Systems can have on both productivity and conservation. The campaign will be rolled out this fall to the public, but before it’s fully released externally, you can get a sneak peak here.

Alabama Soil Health Champions - eight Alabama farmers
           who are making strides in soil conservation

As part of this campaign, we’ll be rolling out a series of “Soil Health Lessons in a Minute” video demonstrations. See our latest video, meet "Ray the Soil Guy," and learn how to Unlock the Secrets in the Soil.


Additional Soil Information

National NRCS Soil Health Campaign- Unlock the Secrets in the Soil

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Milton Tuck - The Soil Doctor!  Story about Alabama NRCS Soil Scientist speaking to elementary school students.