Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) In Alabama

October 18, 2013, is the signup batching date for producers for 2014 funding for conservation programs.  Signup is continuous.Two pictures of wetlands in a group with a picture of a duck

What is WRP?

The Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) is a voluntary program that provides technical assistance and financial incentives to restore, protect, and enhance wetlands in exchange for retiring marginal land from agriculture.

Landowners that enter into WRP may be paid an easement payment in exchange for enrolling their land.  Wetlands provide valuable habitat for waterfowl and many other wildlife species.

Benefits to Alabama

  • Creates optimum quality waterfowl habitat in areas of critical habitat need
  • Landowners, their families, and friends enjoy the wildlife and other natural values of the areas
  • Landowners profit from recreational activities and potential for lease hunting
  • Creates a partnership that provides landowners with the best wetlands restoration expertise
  • Improves water quality through natural water filtration
  • Reduces flood risk through flood water storage
  • Landowners maintain control of access to the land

Contact the local Natural Resources Conservation Service office for further guidelines and details of the program.  

Success Stories

Alabama Farmer Enrolls 525 Acres in WRP

Additional Information

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Application Form and Ranking Factors
National Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP)
2013 Geographic Area Rate Caps (GARC) Map for Eligible Land (Pasture/Hay/Crop/Fallow) By County
WRP At-A-Glance (.pdf)


Jason Gardner,  WRP Easements Program Manager
3381 Skyway Drive
P.O. Box 311   
Auburn, Alabama  36831