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Longleaf Pine Initiative 2012

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Longleaf Pine SeedlingThrough the Longleaf Initiative NRCS and our partners are working with forestland owners in nine states to restore Longleaf pine forests.

Imagine a forest landscape stretching 90 million acres from Virginia to Texas, with towering pine trees and a diverse array of plants and wildlife.  This was the range of Longleaf pine forests 400 years ago.

Today, less than 4 percent -- 3.4 million acres -- remain.  The remaining forests are home to thousands of plant and animal species, including 122 threatened and endangered species, like the Red-cockaded Woodpecker.  

Longleaf Pine Video

Recently, students at the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging asked if they could use their digital animation skills to lend their support for longleaf pine.  Working with NRCS staff, they created a 3D animation video that captures the beauty and ecological importance of longleaf pine forests.

Longleaf Pine Video (You will leave this site.)

In FY 2010, Alabama provided financial assistance to restore longleaf on six thousand acres through this program.  The additional funds through the Wildlife Incentive Program that are available for FY 2012 will increase the restoration effort of native longleaf pine. 

Eligible counties are highlighted on the map below.  There will be three priority areas.  Priority is based on Threatened and Endangered Species habitat restoration, wildlife corridor establishment and the history longleaf range.  Priority will also be given to planting on open land (cropland or pasture) sites. 

Approved participants will receive financial assistance for implementing conservation practices including site preparation, planting longleaf pine, installing firebreaks, conducting prescribed burning, and controlling invasive plants.

Alabama Map of Counties Eligible for Longleaf Pine Initiative

Additional Information

National NRCS Longleaf Initiative

Alabama Longleaf Alliance Organization

Longleaf Print Information

The following documents is may need  Acrobat Reader.

ALERT Brochure - Alabama's Longleaf Ecosystem Restoration Team: Providing Technical Assistance in Managing Longleaf Pine
Native Understory Forbs and Grasses for Pollinator and Insect Utilization in Southeastern Longleaf Pine Ecosystems
Longleaf Pine Fact Sheet - USDA-NRCS Jimmy Carter Plant Materials Center (.pdf)

County Longleaf Soils Data - For use by landowners to determine compatible soils to plant longleaf

Contact Information

Contact your local Service Center for further guidelines and details of the program.  

NRCS State Office contact Steve Musser, USDA–NRCS, Assistant State Conservationist for Programs, phone: (334) 887-4503.