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Outreach Partners

Outreach recognizes the participation of under-served customers as a part of the way we do business. However, in helping under-served communities and groups, we find that traditional programs are sometimes difficult for them to participate in due to economic, cultural, social, and other barriers. Therefore, we have designed projects and partnerships to help the agency enhance and encourage participation in USDA programs by under-served communities and groups. Some of the program delivery efforts are:

Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Program - RC&D has been the major delivery program used in Alabama to reach under-served communities and groups that require assistance beyond the field office level. 

Alabama Small Farm and Economic Development Center - This center, located at Tuskegee University, serves statewide to help under-served community groups. NRCS serves as a partner through the outreach program.

State FAC Working Group - The State FAC Working Group is a group of people from state, federal, and private agencies that meet quarterly to discuss and plan ways to encourage participation by the under-served in the various programs of the agencies. This group serves as a sounding board for many programs that exist within the agencies in Alabama.

Children posing with heifers from Heifer InternationalHeifer International (HI) (will open in new window) - This non-profit organization works nationally and internationally to assist rural families through training and passing on animals called the "gift."  NRCS has been working as a partner with HI to better serve small farm families. Over 10 groups have active projects in the state.

Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries

Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network (ASAN)

Alabama A&M University

Auburn University

Tuskegee University