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Historical Grassland Prairie Soils

Alkaline, shallow to very deep soils on uplands of MLRA 135A

Alkaline, shallow (10” - 20” to chalk)

  • Binnsville
  • Demopolis
  • Prim

Alkaline, moderately deep (20” - 40”) to chalk

  • Sumter

Alkaline, deep and very deep (> 40” to chalk)

  • Faunsdale
  • Houston
  • Maytag
  • Okolona


Soils may occur in complex with acid soils such as Hannon, Oktibbeha, Suggsuille and Watsonia.

Complexes will be handled the same as in other programs. When a complex has been designated, the first soil in the list of soils in the complex will be used for determinations.

The above soils represent areas where native grass stands had the highest probability of occurring. Historically, native grasslands were located only on small areas within the MLRA 135A and were not widespread.