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Pickwick Lake Watershed - 2006 CSP


Pickwick Lake Watershed counties with streamsThe Pickwick Lake Watershed (HUC Number: 06030005) lies in the Northwest corner of Alabama. The watershed is shared with Mississippi and Tennessee. As its name indicates, the watershed drains into Pickwick Lake, one of several reservoirs on the Tennessee River System. Pickwick Lake is a major recreation lake that has experienced significant impacts related to erosion and nutrients in run-off from agricultural lands.

Pickwick Lake Watershed consists of 1,462,000 acres that flows into the Pickwick Lake on the Tennessee River. This lake is used for recreation, navigation, and municipal and industrial water supply. The land use of the watershed includes 325,000 acres of cropland and 240,350 acres of pasture or about 38 percent. Forest, urban and other makes up the rest. Soils range include soils of the Limestone Valleys, Coastal Plains and Uplands and the Southern Appalachian Ridges and Valleys (128), Sand Mountain (129), Southern Coastal Plains (133) and Highland Rim and Pennyroyal (122) major land resource areas. These are very productive soils, but very susceptible to erosion. In addition to the resource concerns that typically come with highly erodible cropland and pasture operations, this area has a highly concentrated poultry industry producing thousands of tons of poultry litter annually being spread on this pasture and cropland. A significant portion of this watershed is identified on the Alabama Department of Environmental Management’s (ADEM) 303d listed streams.

The Pickwick Lake Watershed is located in parts of Hardin, Lawrence and Wayne Counties in Tennessee; Colbert, Franklin, Lauderdale, and Lawrence Counties in Alabama; and Alcorn, Prentiss, and Tishomingo Counties in Mississippi.

Cover Use Acres 

Cover/Use Acres
(in thousands)
Cropland/cultivated 325
Pasture/grassland 240.4
Forest 838.1
Urban 58.5
Other 623.9
Total 2,085.9

NRCS County Offices in Pickwick Lake Watershed

Alabama Tennessee Mississippi
Colbert - (256) 383-4323 Hardin - (731) 925-3831 Alcorn - (662) 287-7223
Franklin - (256) 332-0274 Lawrence - (931) 762-6913 Prentiss - (662) 728-7985
Lauderdale - (256) 764-5833 Wayne - (931) 762-6913
  (District (931) 722-3553)
Tishomingo - (662) 423-6272
Lawrence - (256) 974-1174    

Tennessee NRCS CSP Website
Mississippi NRCS CSP Website

Basic CSP eligibility criteria, and how contract payments are made.

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