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The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is the USDA agency which works at the local level to help people conserve all natural resources on private lands.

Nearly three-fourths of the technical assistance provided by the agency goes to helping farmers and ranchers develop conservation systems uniquely suited to their land and individual ways of doing business. The agency also provides assistance to rural and urban communities to reduce erosion, conserve and protect water, and solve other resource problems.

NRCS relies on many partners to help set conservation goals, work with people on the land, and provide assistance. Its partners include conservation districts, state and federal agencies, Earth Team volunteers, agricultural and environmental groups and professional societies.

The strength of NRCS is in its workforce. In Alabama, there are 208 full time and 103 other employees which represent 228 staff years. Soil and water conservation districts employ 83 permanent employees. Employees work from either the state office, 3 team offices, 56 field offices, or 17 other special offices throughout the state. All NRCS field offices are co-located with conservation district offices, and 96 percent are co-located with at least one other USDA agency.

NRCS employees are highly trained in many scientific and technical specialties including soil science, soil conservation, agronomy, biology, agroecology, range conservation, forestry, engineering, geology, hydrology, cultural resources, and economics.

Brochures about the programs and services of NRCS in Alabama

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Who, How, What? Brochure - 11x8 1/2 trifold brochure with information about NRCS in Alabama  (30 KB)


Soil and water conservation districts, located in all of Alabama's 67 counties, are the heart of the conservation delivery system. These units of local government, organized by citizens under state law, operate on the premise that local people know about local needs. They work with NRCS and other partners to establish local soil and water conservation priorities, augmenting the work of NRCS district conservationists with district programs and their own technical support staff.

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