Alabama Program Brochures, Fact Sheets Handouts, and Reports

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These are Alabama NRCS developed documents for you to print and handout as needed.  If possible, please contact the webmaster and report number of copies printed or to request a pre-printed copies. Each will open in a new window.  (These handouts are intended for general information only.  Your local NRCS office will give you the most up-to-date specific information regarding financial assistance and program sign-ups in your county.)

Alabama NRCS Field Office Locations (8.5"x11" bi-fold brochure, PDF, 143 KB)

Assistance for Constructing Seasonal High Tunnels (Hoop Houses) (8.5"x11" tri-fold brochure, PDF, 88 KB)

Alabama NRCS - Who We Are (8.5"x11", tri-fold brochure, PDF, 440 KB)

Alabama Partnership Initiative Targeting Underserved Forest Landowners (8.5"x11", tri-fold brochure, PDF, 137 KB)

Agricultural Water Enhancement Program (AWEP) (8.5"x11", tri-fold brochure, PDF, 2.3 MB)

Cogongrass (8.5"x11", tri-fold brochure, PDF, 177 KB)

Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) in Alabama (.pdf., 216 KB)

Establishing Native Warm Season Grasses in Alabama (8.5"x14", four-fold brochure, PDF, 1.3 MB)

EQIP for Forestry and Wildlife (8.5"x11", tri-fold brochure, PDF, 688 KB)

EWP (Emergency Watershed Protection Program in Alabama) - (8.5x11 tri-fold brochure, pdf, 764 KB)

How to Sign-up for NRCS Programs (8.5"x11", flyer, 1 pg, PDF, 46 KB)

Organic - Assistance for Certified Organic Livestock Producers (8.5"x11", tri-fold brochure, PDF, 96 KB)

Organic Farming Initiative - EQIP (8.5"x11", tri-fold brochure, PDF, 1.7 MB)

Plastic Mulch and Drip Irrigation (8.5"x11", flyer, 2 pgs, PDF, 148 KB)

Silvopasture Establishment in Alabama (8.5"x11", tri-fold brochure, PDF, 186 KB)

Statistics by County (8.5"x11", tri-fold brochure, PDF, 88 KB)

Pollinators (8.5"x11", tri-fold brochure, PDF, 2.8 MB)

Working Lands for Wildlife-Gopher Tortoise (flyer, 3 pgs, PDF, 747 KB)

Watershed and EWP

EWP (Emergency Watershed Protection Program in Alabama) - (8.5x11 tri-fold brochure, pdf, 764 KB)

Watershed Structures: What Landowners Need to Know (8.5"x11", tri-fold brochure, PDF, 447 KB)

Aging Watershed Structures: What Sponsors Need to Know (8.5"x11", tri-fold brochure, PDF, 448 KB)

Additional Brochures

Small Scale Solutions for Your Farm 41 small scale conservation practices developed by the East and Central National Technology Support Centers to support NRCS conservation planning activities with small scale and specialty farms.  NRCS State, field, and area employees can customize these publications by entering their local contact information in the yellow box on the last page of each publication prior to distributing them to their local producer.  Four of the publications are translated into Spanish.  These publications are written in an understandable manner that explain the practices and present multiple pictures so producers can also visualize the practices.

NRCS Distribution Center  Additional brochures and handouts, (Phone: 1-888-526-3227, Fax: 515-289-4561, Email: