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Merle Wallace Purvis Center Receives Wiregrass RC&D Grant


Merle Wallace Purvis Center in Geneva County.
Merle Wallace Purvis Center in Geneva County.

In November 2009, Wiregrass RC&D presented a grant to the Merle Wallace Purvis Center near Geneva to upgrade facilities in the main building and construct a nature trail and outdoor classroom behind the main facility.

Sen. Harri Anne Smith and Rep. Warren Beck were instrumental in securing funds and were both present to congratulate the Purvis Center. Probate Judge Fred Hamic, Geneva Co. Engineer Roy Powell, Commissioners Ray Minshew and Larry Everett, along with Geneva Co. Association of Retarded Citizens (ARC) members Barbara Adkison (President), Bert Robinson, Pam Fleming, Donna Logan, and Annette Kervin received the grant. Barbara Adkison and ARC will work with Geneva Co. SWCS/NRCS DC James Currington, and DAC Janie B. Howell to complete the work on the project.

The most excited group was the Center’s clients who showed their enthusiasm for the renovations to their School.

This is a prime example of how the conservation partnership in Geneva Co. and the Wiregrass RC&D offices are reaching out to the community in using RC&D funds. Thanks to the Conservation Partnership they are "Making it Happen!"