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AL Bulletin 430-14-2

Date: January 21, 2014

Subject: SOI- Requesting Technical Soil Services in Alabama

Purpose: To provide instructions for requesting Technical Soil Services to the Alabama NRCS Staff.

Expiration Date: September 30, 2014


The NRCS Soil Science Divisions realignment went into operation at the beginning of FY2014. The primary Technical Soil Services Providers in each State include the State Soil Scientist and the Resource Soil Scientist assigned to each Administrative NRCS Area.

Alabama has three Major Land Resources Areas (MLRA) Soil Survey Offices (SSO) located in Huntsville, Auburn, and Loxley, Alabama. These three MLRA SSO offices are supervised by Regional Soil Directors. In accordance with the National Soil Science Division Realignment, Soil Scientists in these MLRA Soil Survey Offices (SSO) can spend up to 15 percent of their time providing Technical Soil Services in their Area of Responsibility (AOR) (see attached map).


  1. The majority of Technical Soil Services requested by Field Office personnel should be through the Resource Soil Scientist (RSS), when available.
  2. Other requests for Technical Soil Service support using MLRA SSO Offices or Regional Office personnel should be made from the field (DC, Engineer, Conservation Districts, etc.), Area Office, or State Office to the State Soil Scientist for approval from Regional Directors.

For questions contact Lawrence McGhee, State Soil Scientist SSS at 334-887-4559 or


State Conservationist



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