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AL Bulletin 190-14-1

Date:  October 21, 2013

Subject:  ECS – Forestry –Longleaf Academy 101 Course

Purpose:  To solicit nominations to attend classroom and field instruction covering topics related to longleaf. The workshop will be held at the Dixon Center in Covington County on November 19 – 21, 2013.

Expiration Date: September 30, 2014

Action Required by:  November 8, 2013.  Submit attendee names, approved by ASTC-FO or State Office Supervisor, to Stacey Riggins.


The Longleaf 101 course is an intensive 3 day course of in-depth classroom and field instruction in “all things longleaf." The topics are diverse and cover such things as:

  • The cultural and natural history of longleaf pine;
  • The use and effect of fire in longleaf ecosystems;
  • Artificial regeneration, including site selection, seedling quality, site preparation, planting, and release techniques;
  • Natural regeneration systems;
  • Stand management considerations;
  • Longleaf growth and yield and stand dynamics;
  • Wildlife management including T&E species considerations;
  • Financial assistance opportunities;
  • Native understory restoration;
  • Diseases and insect identification;
  • Economics and products; and
  • Available resources and materials.

Field exercises include an entire day examining long term studies at the Escambia Experimental Forest:  regeneration assessments in naturally regenerated stands, cone counts in preparation for natural regeneration, pole classification, shelter wood regeneration systems, uneven and even-aged management systems, artificial regeneration, gopher tortoise and red-cockaded woodpecker management, understory vegetation ID and management with an emphasis on wildlife and aesthetic values, prescribed fire effects on young and mature longleaf forests, effects of management on growth and pole production, and stand conversion.

This will be an excellent training opportunity for NRCS employees and will count as 24 CEU’s toward Certified Planner recertification and 8 CEU’s toward Prescribed Burning training requirements.  NRCS will send up to 10 employees to this course.  ASTC-FO’s and State Office Supervisors should send nominees to Stacey Riggins by November 8, 2013.

If you have any questions relating to this bulletin, contact Stacey Riggins, 334-887-4578.  If you have questions about the Longleaf Academy, contact Tim Albritton, 334-887-4560.


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