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AL Bulletin 250-13-9

Date: August 29, 2013

Subject: FNM - NRCS Attendance at the 2013 Clear Water Alabama Seminars and Field Day, Birmingham, Alabama

Purpose: To notify Alabama NRCS employees of attendance and approval requirements for the Subject Field Days.

Expiration Date: September 30, 2013

Action Required By: September 13, 2013: Submit attendee name(s) to Stacey Riggins.

The 2013 Clear Water Alabama Seminars and Field Day will be held October 8-10, 2013, at the Alabama Associated General Contractors’ Conference Center, Birmingham, Alabama. This 3-day event will consist of technical seminars and field day. The event information is posted on the Alabama Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) website in the Calendar Section.

New NRCS employees needing training and those who can earn professional development hours and work in counties that have urban expansion and construction activities are encouraged to attend. NRCS employees assisting with the Seminar and/or Field Day are authorized to attend.

Those who plan to attend should receive prior approval from their supervisor and/or ASTC-FO. No travel expenses are anticipated for those within commuting distance to Birmingham. Anyone requiring overnight travel should get prior approval from their Leadership Team supervisor. Travel budget allocations cannot be exceeded. ASTC-FOs and Leadership Team submit names of attendees along with travel requirements to Stacey Riggins no later than Friday, September 13, 2013. Registration fees will be paid by NRCS.

All NRCS employees are also encouraged to assist their local SWCD to promote the Clear Water Alabama Seminars and Field Day. This is a great opportunity for SWCDs and NRCS to help county and city governments make a positive impact on local erosion and sediment control efforts. The success of the field day depends to a large extent upon the NRCS and the local SWCD working together to promote attendance.

If you have any questions relating to this bulletin, contact Stacey Riggins, 334-887-4578.

Another bulletin will be forthcoming listing those approved to attend on Government Time and Expense and those approved to attend on Government Time Only.


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