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AL Bulletin 360-13-14

Date: August 21, 2013

Subject: PER – Telework Position Eligibility

Purpose: To inform NRCS-Alabama employees of changes to position eligibility and approval level policy for Telework Agreements.

Expiration Date: September 30, 2014

Background. On July 8, 2013, the NRCS National Headquarters issued updated guidance to all employees on changes to the position eligibility requirements and the annual eligibility notification (National Bulletin 360-13-17 attached) for Telework Agreements. This bulletin highlights certain aspects required for the completion of the agreements and supervisory responsibility.

Note: Employees with a current, approved Telework Agreement are not required to submit a new agreement on the new form. This bulletin applies to new agreements only. New employees and employees desiring to enter into a new agreement will follow the requirements of this bulletin.

Explanation. The NRCS-PER-40 Form, NRCS Telework Agreement, has been revised (attached). Previous editions will not be used for future agreements. All first-level supervisors are now authorized to approve telework agreements. Effective immediately, all NRCS-Alabama employees are eligible for telework provided their current level of performance is fully successful or better and they have had no formal disciplinary or adverse action within the past 12 months.

All NRCS-Alabama supervisors and employees are required to complete the telework training within AgLearn prior to submitting or approving Telework Agreements.

Supervisors are required to:

a. Review the employee’s Performance Plans to ensure that “typical activities to be conducted while teleworking” listed on the Telework Agreement are tasks required by verifiable standards.

b. Verify that hours of duties are updated in the employee’s WebTCAS (required only if duty hours change).

c. Verify that the employee has access to equipment and/or documents needed to complete assigned tasks. Please note that PII, proprietary, or confidential materials are not to be removed from the work office without prior approval from the State Administrative Officer.

d. Submit “ALL” completed telework agreement requests (approved & disapproved) to the State Human Resources Officer.

e. Receive verification of proper completion of the Telework Agreement from the Human Resources Officer prior to implementation of the agreement.

f. Ensure that their office (state/team/field) is operational at all times during normal duty hours. NRCS is a customer service agency. Offices will not be closed to accommodate employee’s desire to telework.

It is both the supervisor’s and the employee’s responsibility to ensure that teleworking employee’s “Outlook Calendars” are updated to reflect dates and contact information during periods of telework.

The NRCS telework policy, frequently asked questions, additional training, and resources are available on NRCS People at:

If you have any questions or issues, please contact Youlanda Caudle at (256) 532-1677, extension 108,, or Marty Bright-Rivera at (803) 253-3920,

State Conservationist

1. National Bulletin 360-13-17 attached
2. NRCS-PER-40 form, NRCS Telework Agreement