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General Manual AL Supplement No. 430 - AL3 -Part 402.4.a

General Manual Alabama Supplement No. 430 AL3-Part 402.4-Subpart A

  January 13, 2011

Subject:  SOI Soil Scientists Role in Correcting Errors in SSURGO Spatial Data Sets

Purpose:   To provide soil scientists guidance on how to handle errors in the SSURGO Spatial Data sets.

Effective Date:  January 13, 2011

It has been noted that some of the SSURGO spatial data sets contain errors, such as line placement; delineations with different map unit symbols; delineations with missing symbols; and delineations of the same map unit sharing common boundaries. This document defines the procedure for soil scientists to follow in the event an error is found in the soils spatial data.

When errors are noted by field office staffs, the District Conservationist (DC) in the survey area is to be notified. The DC is to record the exact location and nature of the error on either a hard or electronic copy of the soils layer using the most current or detailed aerial imagery. The name of the individual who found the error should be noted.

The discrepancy should then be sent by mail or electronically to the appropriate resource soil scientist. The resource soil scientist will then forward this information to the state soil scientist. The state soil scientist will assign the resource soil scientist or the MLRA soil survey office leader to field check the map unit delineation in question and correct the error. A record of correction(s) should be kept on file in the Field Office and at the State Office.

A Problem Copy Geodatabase will be the official repository for errors found and corrections made to Alabama’s SSURGO spatial data. Problems stored in this Geodatabase will be reconciled with the official SSURGO data at the discretion of the State Soil Scientist based on the severity of errors and workload requirements. There will be no fixed schedule for this update of the SSURGO spatial data.

Joe Norris, GIS Specialist, is the designated representative of the state soil scientist responsible for maintaining the Problem Copy Geodatabase. The State Soil Scientist will forward the records of errors and corrections to the GIS Specialist.

If there are questions, please direct them to Charles Love, State Soil Scientist/MO-15 Leader, (334) 887-4517 or Scott Anderson, Soil Data Quality Specialist, (334) 887-4565.


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