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Colbert County Holds Conservation Education Events


Colbert County FFA Ag Day 2013

panels for “Safe Tractor Drive Contest� at the FFA Ag Day
Dustin Potter (Lauderdale SWCD) and Will Gotcher (Tri-Green) adjust panels for “Safe Tractor Drive Contest” at the FFA Ag Day.

Submitted by Etta Mask, CDA, Colbert County SWCD, Tuscumbia, AL

The Colbert County SWCD and Tuscumbia NRCS, along with the help of the Lauderdale and Lawrence SWCD (Billy Frost and Don Beacham), assisted with the Colbert County FFA Ag Day.

Byron Aycock (NRCS), Dustin Potter (Lauderdale SWCD) and Will Gotcher (Tri-Green) judged the Safe Tractor Driving Contest.

Matt Copeland (District Conservationist) along with the Darryl Rutland (Colbert County FSA), judged the cattle event.

The students had a great day at this event!

Classroom in the Forest – Forest in the Classroom

The Colbert County 4-H, along with the cooperation of partners, presented a program entitled "Classroom in the Forest – Forest in the Classroom."

The Colbert County Extension Office and the Colbert County 4-H Program was proud to announce a partnership with RE Thompson School in Tuscumbia, AL.  Also involved was Dr. Jimmy, Colbert County SWCD Supervisor; Nan Gardiner, Alabama Treasure Forest Association; Northwest AL RC&D Council; the Tuscumbia NRCS; Colbert County FSA; Colbert County SWCD;, and the United States Forest Service.

Matt Copeland - Forest in the Classroom   
Matt Copeland, Tuscumbia NRCS Field Office District Conservationist, assisted Tim Malone FSA with
the Classroom in the Forest – Forest in the Classroom program.