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2003-2006 Conservation Feature Articles Archived

(All stories submitted by Julie Best, Public Affairs Specialist, USDA-NRCS, Auburn, Alabama, unless otherwise noted.)

Some of these documents require Adobe Acrobat.

Prescribed Burning - It's Your Right, It's Your Responsibility, Treasure Forest Magazine-Fall 2006 (PDF)

Recovering from the Storm-Devastation from Katrina Brings Positive Change, (Saloom-Conecuh Co), Alabama Cooperative Farming News-November 2006 (PDF)

Horticulture Training Program Helps Persons with Disabilities Build on their Strengths, Ala-Tom RC&D, Alabama Cooperative Farming News-October 2006 (PDF)

EQIP Cost-Share Assistance Used to Enhance Cattle Operations, Hendrix/Tillis-Covington Co,  Alabama Cattleman-July 2006 (HTML) (text only)

Working Trees Could Add to Your Profit Margin, (by Tim Albritton, AL NRCS State Staff Forester), Alabama Cattleman-July 2006 (HTML) (text only)

Pick Today and Use Today, (Hooks-Macon Co), Alabama Cooperative Farming News, May 06; Minority Landowner, Spring 2006 (PDF)

Stream Restoration Improves Water Quality (Waldrop-Etowah Co), Cooperative Farming News 3/06 (PDF)

Changing With the Times (Stream Restoration), Land and Water-Jan/Feb 06 (PDF)

Achieving TREASURE Forest Certification, (by Tim Albritton, AL NRCS State Staff Forester)  Alabama TREASURE Forest-Winter 06  (PDF)

Diversity is a Good Option (freshwater shrimp production) (Odom, Greene Co), Cooperative Farming News 12/05; The Catfish Journal 1/06 (PDF)

NRCS to the Rescue of the Coast Guard, United States Coast Guard Systems Times-Winter 05 (PDF)

One Man's Mission - Digital Data Provides Maps for Hurricane Relief (Ronnie Davis, Soil Con Tech, Geneva Co),  Alabama Living 11/05; USDA News 9-10/05 (PDF)

Wyers Takes Advantage of the EQIP Program (Wyers, Walker Co), Poultry and Egg 11/05 (PDF)

EWP Rule Change Will Impact Six Alabama Counties, Alabama County Commissioner 10/05 (PDF)

From One Family to Another (Sessions, Mobile Co), Cooperative Farming News 10/05 (PDF)

Growing a Farm and Passing on a Heritage (Jones, Autauga Co) Cooperative Farming News 7/05 (PDF)

Something to Do, Someplace to Love, and Something to Look Forward To, (McDaniel, Monroe Co), Cooperative Farming News 6/05 (PDF)

Trees and Wildlife—It’s a Good Combination (Hughes, Lauderdale Co), Covey Rise 6/05 (PDF)

Water for Grazing System (Hendrix, Winston Co), Cooperative Farming News 4/05 (PDF)

Is it Worth It?--You Betcha! (Lowery, Russell Co), Cooperative Farming News 3/05 (PDF)

Cool, Clear Water (Manring, Covington Co), Forage Leader Spring 05 (PDF)

Lessons Learned with Conservation Tillage (Brooks, Monroe Co), Southern Farmer 2/05 (PDF)

Stop a Minute and Enjoy Success (Hughes, Lauderdale Co), Buffer Notes 2/05 (PDF)

New Job, Same Principles (Clark, Lawrence Co), Cooperative Farming News 2/05 (PDF)

EWP Program is Like a Shot in the Arm for Rural County (Geneva County) Land and Water 1-2/05; Alabama County Commissioners Fall 04 (PDF)

Good for Man and Good for the Cows (Johnson, Russell Co), Cooperative Farming News, 11/04; Minority Landowner Winter 2006 (PDF)

From Problem to an Asset (Lawler, Lee Co), Beef Magazine 10/04 (PDF)

Innovative Solutions to Problems (Hooper, Winston Co), Cooperative Farming News 10/04 (PDF)

Up to our Knees in Clover (Dorrill, Pike Co), Alabama Cattleman 8/04

Do BMPs Really Work? (GSA), Land and Water 7-8/04 (PDF)

EQIP Funds Improve Water Quality for Livestock (Manring, Covington Co), Cooperative Farming News 4/04; Land and Water 5-6/04 (PDF)

Lock ‘Em Up (Caley, Dallas Co), Alabama Cattleman 12/03 (PDF)

Chicken Stew—Well Not Exactly (composting) (Hilburn, Crenshaw Co), The Alabama Poultry Monthly 10/03 (PDF)

Goats - A Small Acre Possibility (Powell, Macon Co), Cooperative Farming News 5/03 (PDF)

The Back Forty Has Changed (Hollinger, Wilcox Co), Alabama Cattleman 11/03 (PDF)

Stockpiling Forage (Maples, Limestone Co), Alabama Cattlemen 9/03 (PDF)

Thirsty Animals (Mullican, Lawrence Co), not published (PDF)

A Love and a Living (Hay, Talladega Co), Cooperative Farming News, 06/06  (PDF)