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NRCS State Conservationist Visits Blount County


Dr. Puckett discusses conservation programs.
Judy Hill, ASTC-FO, North; Merry Buford, District Conservationist; Dr. Bill Puckett, State Conservationist, and Pat Whitley, producer; discuss the benefits associated with a residue management system in a cotton rotation.

By Merry Buford, District Conservationist, Blount County

Dr. Bill Puckett is the first State Conservationist to visit Blount County, and what a proud moment that was for the county.  Judy Hill, ASTC-FO, North, joined Dr. Puckett to tour the county and view conservation on the ground.

Blount County producers have done many note-worthy projects through NRCS and SWCD programs.  Dr. Puckett was able to visit a site that installed a Spring Development and Pond with Watering Ramp through the 319 Dry Creek Watershed Program. 

The group also visited with a local producer that grows row crops, poultry houses, cows, hay, and timber.  This year he even has peanuts, which is not a typical North Alabama crop.  This producer has done pest management and residue management through the EQIP program. 

Everyone involved in the days events really appreciated Dr. Puckett coming to the county.  Visits like these show that higher officials care about what is going on at the local level.  These same visits show local producers that NRCS and SWCD care about them and are trying to help them help the land.

farmer grows peanuts in north Alabama.Pat Whitley with a sample of this year’s peanut crop from
Blount County.



Group looks at spring fed trough.   Mark Butler, Dry Creek Watershed Coordinator; Dr. Bill Puckett, State Conservationist; Judy Hill, ASTC*FO, North; and Polly Morris, SWCS District Administrative Coordinator; look at a watering facility that is fed through a spring development.