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Mid-South RC&D Holds Annual Meeting

Conservation Showcase


Mid-south RC&D presents Beasley with Plaque.
Senator Billy Beasley (l) received a plaque from Mid-South RC&D Chairman William Hodge for his support, encouragement, and collaboration with helping them earn the National Council of the Year.

By Alice Love, Natural Resource Specialist, NRCS, Auburn, AL

The Mid-South Resource Conservation and Development hosted their Annual Council Meeting on August 23, 2012, at the Cubahatchie Baptist Church in Shorter, Alabama. 

Johnnie Flowers, President of the State Association of RC&D Councils, and William Hodge, Council Chair, announced the accomplishments of the council during 2012.  The council was recognized at the 2012 National Council meeting held in Madison, Wisconsin, as the outstanding council in the nation. 

Alabama will host the National RC&D Meeting in Mobile, AL, in 2014. 

Mid-South RC&D sponsored many projects including five (5) projects through the RC&D Grant Program.  Awarded participants were:

  1. Alabama Cooperative Extension Service: 4-H Central AL

  2. Discovery Education Tour

  3. Tuskegee Multicultural Center: Sharing Macon County History

  4. Macon County Natural Resource: Macon County Water Festival and Macon County Landowner’s Guide

  5. Tuskegee University Cooperative Extension: Macon County Senior Olympics 

Councils throughout the state has successfully adjusted to budget cuts which left them without major federal funding for things such as salary for coordinators, vehicles, and office space.  During these times of readjustments, councils initiated avenues to support and hire Executive Directors to carry out the council day-to-day business in designated service areas. 

Former Natural Resources Conservation Service employees James Currington and Mike Roden, are currently serving as Executive Directors. 

The keynote speaker for the meeting was the Honorable Billy Beasley, Alabama State Senator for District 28.  Senator Beasley has served three  terms in the Alabama Senate.  He acknowledged the importance of partnerships between communities and councils to increase community growth and strengths.  The display of councils helping schools and communities establish productive and nutritious foods was very much observed in the state.  Alabama is fourth in the nation with an obesity concern and the movement for good nutrition through healthy foods is essential. 

Senator Beasley stressed continuous education to promote quality employment to meet the demand towards new and improved technologies.

The council was awarded a check to assist in future activities.