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Bruno Tropeano - Featured Volunteer

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Bruno Tropoeano - volunteer spotlight


Bruno Tropeano - Bessemer, Alabama

When Bruno Tropeano moved to Alabama in 2000, New Jersey’s loss was our gain! The Jefferson County area has benefitted from Bruno’s commitment to resource conservation and volunteerism on many levels.

As a member of the local RC&D Council, Bruno not only attends the Council meetings, he actively contributes to the Council’s programs and projects. He learns the rules of the organization with which he is aligned and then helps all the members stay on task and focused.

He is on the board of his local volunteer fire department and has helped them attain solid financial footing by using his expertise as a retired financial officer at New Jersey Power and Light to recoup unpaid fees and better invest funds on hand. He has also worked many hours on the fire department property using his own equipment for maintenance and upkeep.

Along with all of this, somehow, Bruno also finds time to volunteer on the Soil and Water Conservation District Board as Treasurer and hearty worker. He and his wife, Joanne, help with every education event the District hosts and he often opens his own property for use as an outdoor classroom.

Bruno and his wife Joanne, help move supplies for an event.If bush-hogging is needed, Bruno and his Gravelee are right there, despite allergies, which the Alabama environment has only exacerbated. Need somebody to haul your canoes to the river for an educational float? Call Bruno. Got busloads of students arriving for a forestry fair and need somebody to supervise their unloading and loading? Bruno is your man. Need somebody to come over at 8 a.m. to help get the Botanical Gardens ready for an Earth Day event at 1 p.m.? Call Bruno!

Frequently, when someone moves south from the Northeast, they are only grudgingly accepted into the fabric of daily life. Not so with Bruno Tropeano. He has thrown his whole heart into this area and we are delighted to have him as an Earth Team Volunteer in Bessemer, AL (Jefferson County)!