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NRCS Celebrated Earth Day with Selma School

By Wendy Smith, Soil Conservation Technician, and Kristen Duke, District Administrative Coordinator, SWCD/NRCS, Selma, Alabama


Students explore soil tunnel.
Students and a few of the teachers explored the Soil Tunnel.

Ms Carolyn Pickett, a 4th Grade teacher in the Selma City School system at Knox Elementary School, invited NRCS and the Dallas County SWCD to participate in their FIRST ever, Earth Education Day on April 5, 2010.


Knox Elementary has about 220+ students in Pre-K through 5th grade. The students received "Sammy Soil, A Coloring Book Story", "An Invitation to Healthy Schoolyard" handouts, "For the Good of the People" booklets containing fun facts about farmers and ranchers, and bookmarks with website information about "S.K. Worm and Backyard Conservation" that are available online. In addition, each classroom received a "Pollination Equation" poster.


Kristen Duke and Wendy Smith shared with the students the content of their conservation work and how it relates to the environment. They discussed the importance of soil and asked the students to pass on the information they received about conservation to others.  The Pre-K through 2nd grade students even visited with our special guest Sammy Soil!


Student hugs Sammy Soil.

Students were eager to learn and we discovered that many of the students were already little farmers and helped in the garden at their home. All who exited the soil tunnel had big smiles on their faces as they crawled to the end. They hugged and high- fived Sammy Soil! Sammy Soil helped the students make the connection that soil is a living thing. The day was enjoyed and appreciated by all who participated and boosted the students anticipation of the activities planned at Knox Elementary for Earth Day on April 22.