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AL NRCS STC visits Dewberry Farm

Puckett Tours Dewberry Farm in Clay County

By Craig B. Johnson, DC, USDA-NRCS Clay & Randolph Counties


l-r: Dr. William Puckett, Alabama NRCS State Conservationist, visited Lamar and Felicia Dewberry on their farm.

In the fall of 2010, Alabama NRCS State Conservationist Dr. William Bill Puckett visited Clay County and paid a visit to the farm owed by Lamar Dewberry. 

Dewberry is one of the most active forestry landowners in Clay County.  The fact that he has always taken conservation to heart is evident by the beautiful grounds and conservation practices on his farm. 

Dewberry discussed with Dr. Puckett how conservation has always been an passion for him.  Dewberry and his wife, Felicia, took advantage of the benefits of NRCS programs (EQIP, CSP, etc).  Their goals and objectives directly correlate to the objectives of USDA.  One of the more obvious objectives is preserving the land for use by future generations. 

During the tour of his 800 acre farm, Dewberry shared some of the objectives that he envisions for his farm.  He discussed his resource concerns, land functions, and some of the NRCS programs that have already improved and others that will improve the farm overall.  The fact that Dewberry is taking a positive role toward land conservation and effective program use is a refreshing experience.

Dewberry was elated to have Dr. Puckett visit his farm.  Nearing the end of the visit, he shared how he admired Dr. Puckett’s hands-on approach at the field level.  However, he admitted that he mostly admired Puckett's commitment to Alabama’s landowners. 

Giving program participants the opportunity to speak to leaders and inviting NRCS leaders to see what is happening in the field, go hand-in-hand in improving and shaping the overall vision of NRCS and, on a grand scale, USDA. 

We at NRCS must continue to our efforts to promote and provide effective and efficient programs and program information.  Further, we must always remain true to land conservation and preservation for future use.

Pines planted on Dewberry farm.  
Pines on the Dewberry farm.