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AL Bulletin 440-14-5

Date: March 18, 2014

Subject: PGM - FMMI Required Checklist Process

Purpose: To inform employees of a new requirement for certification of payments.

Expiration Date: September 30, 2014

As a part of Financial Management Modernization Initiative (FMMI) we are implementing a required checklist process of certification of all payments made through Pro-Tracts - reference National Instructions (NI__440_300).

Effective immediately the Payment Review Checklist will have to be completed following the FMMI Alabama Payment Process outlined in the attachment.

You will also find attached a pamphlet titled “Now that you are the Certifying Officer.” The District Conservationist or the Designated District Conservationist will be the person to click the approved button in Pro-Tracts. You will need to review this pamphlet and be familiar with these responsibilities.


State Conservationist


1. FMMI Alabama Payment Process (docx, 14 KB)
2. Alabama Payment Review Checklist (docx, 23 KB)
3. Now that you are the Certifying Officer Pamphlet (pdf, 190 KB)

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