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AL Bulletin 120-13-2

Date: May 31, 2013

Subject: ADS – Property Management Officer (PMO) and Accountable Property Officer (APO) Appointments

Purpose: To notify NRCS employees of the appointments of the PMO and APOs.

Expiration Date: September 30, 2014

Property Management Officer (PMO)
• State Administrative Officer John Hughes is reappointed for all of NRCS-Alabama.

Accountable Property Officers (APO)
• State Conservation Engineer Perry Oakes is reappointed for the NRCS-AL State Office.
• ASTC-FO Greg Dansby is appointed for the NRCS-AL North Team.
• ASTC-FO Ben Malone is reappointed for the NRCS-AL Central Team.
• ASTC-FO Richard Collier is reappointed for the NRCS-AL East Team.
• ASTC-FO Charles Ramsey is reappointed for the NRCS-AL West Team.

The above appointments are effective immediately. All previous appointment letters and bulletins are rescinded.


State Conservationist



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