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News Release

Alabama NRCS Signs MOA and Cooperative Agreement With Poarch Band of Creek Indians


Rolin and Puckett sign agreements
(l-r) PBCI Chairman Buford L. Rolin and NRCS State Conservationist Dr. William Puckett sign documents.  (Photo credit: Gayle Johnson, Media Specialist, PBCI)

Atmore, Ala. - June 7, 2011

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) State Conservationist Dr. William Puckett and Poarch Band of Creek Indians (PBCI) Chairman Buford L. Rolin signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and Cooperative Agreement between NRCS and the PBCI.

The MOA establishes procedures for consultation and coordination on a government-to-government basis between the PBCI and NRCS in Alabama in the performance of cultural resource conservation.

The Cooperative Agreement expands the provision of technical assistance in planning and applying natural resource conservation practices, systems, and treatments, specifically on the lands of the PBCI and individual PBCI Tribal members. This goal will be achieved with government-to-government consultation, close cooperation, communication, and coordination between the PBCI and NRCS.

Under the agreement, David Elliott will serve as NRCS Tribal Liaison and will be headquartered at the Perdido River Farms office. David will work with the PBCI to perform and coordinate the planning and implementation of conservation practices on Tribal lands. In addition, he will coordinate assistance with other USDA agencies to accomplish program needs.

“We are proud of the strong relationship between the PBCI and NRCS here in Alabama,” said Puckett. “I commend Chairman Rolin on the management of natural resources on Tribal lands and for sharing their success in using USDA programs with other Tribal organizations.”

“The Tribe knows the importance of working with federal agencies to accomplish the goals of the Tribe in managing their lands. NRCS was the first agency to sign a MOA with the Tribe and we are honored that we continue to build on this strong relationship,” said Chairman Rolin. “One PBCI goal is to educate other Tribes so they can benefit from NRCS and other federal agencies and encourage their participation in these programs. We are proud to have David Elliott here on a full time basis to provide assistance to the Tribe and Tribal members and to work with organizations such as the United South and Eastern Tribes (USET).”

Landowners interested in USDA-NRCS programs can contact their local NRCS office listed in the telephone book under U.S. Department of Agriculture or online at  General program information is available on the Alabama NRCS Programs website.