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Alabama GM Supplement No 180.409 AL4

General Manual Alabama Supplement No. AL.180.409-
Amendment AL4

   August 20, 2009

Subject:  Part 409.2 - Conservation Planning Assistance Delivery

Purpose:   To provide guidance regarding Conservation Planning Assistance Delivery.

This notice transmits Alabama Supplemental GM Policy in Title 180 Part 409.2. This supplemental policy will be located in eDirectives GM under General Manual State Supplements.

General Manual Alabama Supplement No. AL180.409.2-Amendment AL4

a) Due to the complexity and significant amount of NRCS resources required, Alabama NRCS employees will not assist with Nutrient Management plans or Waste Utilization plans where the source of nutrients is from Municipal or Industrial sources.

This policy will go into effect August 20, 2009. This supplement is official NRCS State policy and remains in effect until revised.


State Conservationist