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AL NRCS Civil Rights Advisory Committee



Area Represented

Blake Garner, Chair Disability SEPM
Joshua Elliott, Vice Chair East Team

Eddie Davis, Recorder

Black SEPM

Luis Cruz-Arroyo

Hispanic SEPM

Robert Moore North Team

Hannah South

North Team

Codie Yelverton

East Team

Erika Justiniano-Velez

West Team

Anthony Eaton

West Team

Alex Johnson

Central Team

Brandon McCray

Central Team  

Wendy Smith

State Office

Pam Mason

State Office

Bill Smith

Asian American/Pacific Islander SEPM
and Title VI Program Delivery Advisor

Sutton Gibbs

Federal Women's Program SEPM

William Covington

Veteran's SEPM

Steve Lloyd American Indian/Alaska Native SEPM

Allison Smith

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender SEPM (national website)

Alice Love

Outreach Advisor

Zona Beaty

Leadership Representative

Nancy Reagan

Title VII Advisor

Ben Malone, State Conservationist
Deputy EEO Officer
Phone: 334-887-4500
Fax:  334-887-4552

The Alabama Civil Rights Advisory Committee (CRAC) implements the requirements of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and prohibited discrimination in employment based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Executive Order 11478 stated that EEO is an integral part of every aspect of the Federal Government's personnel policy. The Committee also has certain responsibilities under Title VI - Program Delivery.

The CRAC is responsible to the Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer (State Conservationist). The committee serves the following functions:

  • As an advisory body to the State Conservationist to promote and assist in meaningful and effective affirmative action consistent with the goals and objectives set forth by management.

  • Provides feedback on the performance of the equal opportunity, workforce diversity, and civil rights program, identifies areas of weakness, and makes recommendations for improvements to other NRCS officials in the State of Alabama.

  • Identifies emerging areas needing special attention by the State Conservationist and other NRCS officials in the state of Alabama.

  • This committee will support and promote the Plan of Operations for equal opportunity, workforce diversity, and civil rights.

  • The committee will make recommendations to the State Conservationist regarding policies, practices, and procedures that adversely affect the achievement of equal opportunity, workforce diversity, and civil rights goals and objectives.

  • Make recommendations to the State Conservationist to see that all minority groups are represented in the workforce. Outreach efforts will be made to assure that objectives are reached.

There are eighteen representatives on the Committee: eight Special Emphasis Program Managers, two representatives from each administrative area, and two from the state office. Members are active in field office reviews, area meetings, training, and discussion groups.

Meeting Dates - The CRAC meets quarterly during the 1st month of each quarter on the 3rd Tuesday at 10 am. Exact locations to be determined at a later date but usually at the Alabama Power Building in Clanton, AL. At least once a year the meeting is held as a teleconference. Contact your representative if you have questions.

The following documents may require Adobe Reader. (If you have problems opening any of these documents, please contact, Phone 334-887-4506.)

Alabama Items

National NRCS Items

Civil Rights Compliance Review Guides

Provisional Alabama Field Office Civil Rights Compliance Review Guide (.pdf, 257 KB)
National Civil Rights Compliance Review Guide (.pdf, 497 KB)

USDA Nondiscrimination - NB230-19-13