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Sumter County Holds 14th Annual Safety Day

by Mandee Carrier, SWCD District Administrataive Coordinator, SWCD/NRCS, Livingston, AL

Mike Gunn, NRCS, discusses ATV safety.On May 16, 2013, the 14th Annual Progressive Agriculture Safety Day was held at Lake LU on the University of West Alabama campus for all county third graders from public schools and private schools.

Students rotated thorough eight, twenty-minute stations throughout the day. A large group demonstration was held at the end of the day with a power-take-off (PTO) demonstration instructed by Sid Nelson.

Stations were set up to teach about all different types of safety. Instructors from different parts of the West Alabama area came to help teach on safety. The following stations and the instructor for each station is listed below:

  1. Sun Safety - Tera Glenn, Alabama Cooperative Extension Systems
  2. Fire Safety - Livingston Fire Department
  3. Underground Utilities - McKay Lyvers, Alabama One Call
  4. Animal Safety - Johnny Gladney, Alabama Cooperative Extension Systems
  5. Firearm Safety - Joe Little, Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
  6. Food Safety - Kristin Woods-Williams, Alabama Cooperative Extension System
  7. ATV Safety - Michael Gunn, NRCS
  8. Tractor Safety - Donny Sanders, Martin Truck and Tractor, Inc.

We would like to thank everyone for taking time out of their busy schedules to help make this event a success. We would also like to thank the University of West Alabama, Sumter County Board of Education, and Sumter Academy for their contributions to the day camp.

A very special thanks to the volunteers who helped on this day. Without them, the day camp would not have been possible. For more information on the safety day program, please call Mandee Carrier at 205-652-7521.