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Cawaco RC&D Grant Helps Walker County Students Monitor Water

By: Katherine Patton, DAC, SWCD, Walker County, AL

Students testing water from creek

Students monitor water quality in nearby creeks.


Students at Maddox Middle School and Walker High School have a good reason to play in the water. Cawaco RC&D provided grant money through the Cawaco ACES education grant to purchase 15 water chemistry monitoring kits. These kits provide students with a hands-on activity that will help them understand how everyday activities impact water quality and the surrounding environment. 

Students at both schools will be monitoring Town Creek and Doctor’s Branch throughout the school year. Students will check each stream’s temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, oxygen saturation, alkalinity, hardness and turbidity. Data collected by the students will be submitted to Alabama Water Watch monthly.  

These kits will be used by approximately 400 students per year and will give them experience in long term study involving field work.