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Employee Assistance Program

EAP Poster - Having a hard time finding your happy face?Employee Assistance Program

NRCS offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through the Sand Creek Group, LTD. Employees and family members can receive free confidential counseling to help deal with life's difficult times.

Employees are on official duty when they meet with the EAP, provided that    they obtain prior consent from their supervisor. The impact of the employee’s absence on the workplace will be considered by the supervisor in making this accommodation. In an emergency, supervisory approval may be obtained after using the EAP. The supervisor may allow the employee up to one hour (or more as necessitated by travel time) of excused absence for each counseling session during the assessment/referral phase. Confirmation of attendance will be provided by the EAP in accordance with confidentiality procedures in paragraph 7(b).  If an employee does not want their supervisor to know of their attendance, they must arrange for appointments outside of normal duty hours or while on any leave except sick leave. Thereafter, absences during duty hours for rehabilitation or treatment at community resources must be charged to the appropriate leave category in accordance with law and leave regulations.

The EAP is confidential and is provided by an outside vendor. NRCS does not receive any information from the EAP about employees that request services.  (Additional information.)

Commonly Asked Questions

What problems can be helped through EAP?

  • Marital
  • Financial
  • Alcohol
  • Physical/Medical
  • Drugs
  • Family
  • Vocational
  • Dependent Care
  • Work Related Stress
  • Legal Referral
  • Weight/Weight Loss
  • Emotional/Psychological

How do I get involved?

EAP encourages voluntary participation. If you have a problem and need help, call the EAP and set up an appointment. NRCS supervisors recognizes that an employee's personal problems can affect the family and that the family's personal problems can affect job performance.  Not everyone will admit that they have a problem and seek help for it; therefore, a supervisor may recommend that an employee talk to EAP personnel.

Who can use EAP?

Any employee is eligible, regardless of job classification.

Who will I talk to?

A professional EAP counselor will work directly and confidentially with the employee or family member to help resolve the issue. In some cases, the EAP counselor's role will be to assist in determining what additional community resources can provide future assistance

What types of counseling are covered by EAP?

Short-Term Counseling - The implied objective of short-term counseling is the resolution of a problem within a brief period of time. As a result, short-term counseling is not appropriate for each client referred to EAP. In choosing between short- or long-term counseling, the therapist will weigh the nature of the problem, as well as the client's desire and ability to work on resolving the problem. A decision is reached during the initial assessment as the counselor evaluates the client's treatment needs. Once completed, the assessment, with recommendations for treatment, are discussed with the client.  There is no charge for short-term counseling provided through The Sand Creek Group EAP counselors.

Long-Term Counseling - If the problem is long-term, every effort will be made to give the client the names of qualified providers in the community (who are approved by insurance) and referred for treatment. If the problem is short-term, a treatment plan will be established to reach mutually agreed upon goals. The actual number of sessions is driven by the treatment plan and is not predetermined. Therefore, both the services received and the number of sessions delivered are based on the clinical needs of the client.

Who pays for EAP services?

The cost of EAP is covered by your employer. Costs associated with referrals may be covered by medical benefits.

Will anyone know that I use EAP services?

EAP is strictly confidential. Only the individual receiving services can authorize the release of information. 

Will using EAP be documented in my personnel record?

No. Your employer encourages participation in the program to help employees become better able to do their job. The program is strictly confidential.  The purpose of the program is to help people enhance job stability and career development.

EAP Contact Information

The Sand Creek Group, Ltd.
610 North Main Street
Suite 200
Stillwater, Minnesota 55082
Phone - 1-651-430-3383 or toll free - 1-888-243-5744
Fax - 1-651- 430-9753
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