Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPM)

Special Emphasis Program Managers (SEPM)

Special Emphasis Programs are an integral part of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program. Special Emphasis Program Manager positions were established to ensure that EEO is present in all aspect of employment and actions are being taken to address under representation. SEPMs provide assistance to management officials in order to help them meet EEO program goals and objectives.


The objectives of the Special Emphasis Programs are to:
  • Ensure specific actions are taken to for equal employment opportunities for underrepresented groups in connection with recruitment, training, retention, and promotion.
  • Eliminate concentrations of underrepresented groups in single interval series to diversity and create advancement opportunities throughout all occupational levels and all disciplines;
  • Encourage the participation of any underrepresented group in all USDA sponsored programs and activities; and,
  • Provide a network of professional support for underrepresented groups within USDA.

Name Position
Samia Savell Chair of Civil Rights Advisory Committee
Ryan Maroney Secretary of Civil Rights Advisory Committee
Vacant Alaska Native / American Indian Program Manager
Craig Smith Black Emphasis Program Manager
Molly Voeller Federal Women's Program Manager
Vacant Hispanic Program Manager
Jim Hazlett Veterans Program Manager
Vacant Asian / Pacific Islander Program Manager
Vacant Disability Program Manager
Mitch Michaud LGBT Program Manager
Cassie Storms Advisor of SEPM
Naomi Mitchell HR Advisor of SEPM


For more information contact the Human Resources Officer at (907) 761-7700 ext 3.