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NRCS Upper Pocasset Floodplain Easement Sign-Up

Kevin Farmer, P.E. State Conservation Engineer
(401) 822-8842

NRCS Upper Pocasset Floodplain Easement Sign-Up

WARWICK,RI(April 3, 2014)The USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) in Rhode Island has received funding for the purchase of floodplain easements and the restoration of floodplains in the Upper Pocasset River Watershed. The NRCS will deliver assistance to eligible landowners through the Emergency Watershed Protection Program–Floodplain Easements


The USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service(NRCS) is evaluating potential floodplain easements in Johnston and Cranston, Rhode Island. Floodplains can provide significant protection from flood damages to downstream landowners. The easements would severely limit future uses of the floodplain areas to keep them available to store flood water.


EWP-FPE authorizes NRCS to purchase permanent easements on eligible lands and restore the floodplain functions and values on the easement area to their natural conditions to the greatest extentpracticable.


The USDA-NRCS will be working in conjunction with the Northern Rhode Island Conservation District (NRICD) to signup landowners for the program. Only lands in the Upper Pocasset Watershed within the communities ofJohnston and Cranston are eligible.

Land must also meet one of the following to be eligible for floodplain easement enrollment:

  • Lands within a floodplain damaged by flooding at least once within the previous calendar year or that have been subject to flood damage at least twice within the previous 10 years.
  • Other lands within the floodplain that would contribute to the restoration of flood storage and flow, provide for control of erosion,or that would improve the practical management of the floodplain easement.
  • Lands that would be inundated or adversely impacted as a result of a dam breach.


EWP-FloodPlain Easement land use categories:

Easement compensation, ranking priorities, and acquisition requirements for EWP-FPE will vary based on land use. Two primary land use categories will be used:

  1. Agricultural lands and other lands without structures. (Sponsor not required.)
  2. Lands with structures. (Sponsor required.)


Interested landowners may contact:

Deadline for EWP-FPE requests is April 17, 2014.

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