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News Release

New Rhode Island Soil Survey Update for 2013-2014

Jim Turenne, Assistant State Soil Scientist
(401) 822-8830

 A new version (published December 18, 2013) of the RI Soil Survey maps and data is now available for download from the Web Soil Survey (source for official USDA-NRCS Soil Data, a RIGIS copy will be available soon). This new soils version contains numerous improvements, update soil mapping for the entire RI coastal zone (dunes, marshes, and beaches), error fixes, and adjustments to the hydrology along major rivers and streams. Aiding in the update mapping is the use of recently released state-wide Lidar elevation data and derived products such as 2 foot elevation contours, wetness index, and slope maps. RI soils data is currently being improved by yearly updates to the data. The following provides additional information about the changes found on the 2013 version. Please download this new version for use on your GIS.

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