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2008 NRCS Farm Bill Conservation Programs - HFRP Public Comments

2008 NRCS Farm Bill Technical Service Providers Public Comments

Updated September 10, 2009

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July 28, 2009  (IFR Comments)

MA Dept. of Ag - Natural Resources - Scott Soares (PDF,  239KB)

May 27, 2009  (IFR Comments)

American Farmland Trust - Jon Scholl (PDF, 123KB) (TXT, 6KB) NEW!

American Farmland Trust (PDF, 96KB) (TXT, 5KB)

Confederated Traive of the Umatilla Indian Reservation - E. Quaempts (PDF,  201KB) (TXT, 7KB) NEW!

GA Dept of Ag. Natural Resources (PDF, 120KB) (TXT, 6KB) NEW!

MN Dept. of Ag. Natural Resources - John Jaschke (PDF, 207KB) (TXT, 6KB) NEW!

National Sustainable Ag. Coalition - Martha Noble (PDF, 346KB) (TXT, 17KB) NEW!

National Wildlife Federation - Duane Hovorka (PDF, 234KB) (TXT, 12KB) NEW!

NE Game and Parks Commission - Timothy McCoy (PDF, 166KB) (TXT,  8KB) NEW!

Private Citizen - Dennis Pate (PDF, 71KB) (TXT, 3KB) NEW!

Private Citizen - Ivan Graff (PDF, 66KB) (TXT, 2KB) NEW!

Private Citizen - Leslie Everett (PDF, 63KB) (TXT, 2KB) NEW!

WA Dept Natural Resources - Aaron Everett (PDF, 122KB) (TXT, 5KB) NEW!

WY State Forestry Division - John Crisp (PDF, 66KB) (TXT, 2KB) NEW!

April 15, 2009  (IFR Comments)

Farm and Food Policy Div Init. - J Krueger (PDF, 255KB)

The Wildlife Society - Thomas Franklin (PDF, 271KB)

WA Department of Fish and Wildlife - Jennifer Quann (PDF, 96KB)

March 30, 2009  (IFR Comments)

Association of Fish and Wildlife Agency - Matt Hogan (PDF, 281KB)

IA Department of Natural Resources - Richard Leopold (PDF, 228KB)

MO Department of Conservation - John Hoskins (PDF, 114KB)

National Association of Conservation Districts - Steve Robinson (PDF 135 KB)

SD-CD - Irwin Symens (PDF, 177 KB)

TN-Wildlife Resources Agency - Ed Carter (PDF, 57 KB)

UT Association Conservation Districts - B. Rasmussen (PDF, 101 KB)

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