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Highlights of NRCS International Programs

NRCS International Activities Summary

  • Sean Duffey, Acting WLEB Initative Coordinator, East Lansing, Michigan, will attend the Great Lakes Commission Annual Meeting.  Purpose of the commission is to restore the Great Lakes and NRCS’ participation is a show of support of their mission.  The meeting will be held in Toronto, Canada, October 6 – 7.
  • Curtis Monger, National Leader for Soil Survey Standards, National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, Nebraska, will represent the Soil Science Division at the International Standards Workshop.  The exchange of ideas about standards used in other countries might be used to enhance the quality of standards in the National Cooperative Soil Survey.  The workshop will be held in Berlin, Germany, October 10 – 14.
  • Kim Berns, Director, Easement Programs Division, and John Rissler, Team Leader, Easement Programs Team, Washington, D.C., will meet with a group from China.  The Chinese are interested in the U.S. farmland protection system, laws and regulations, development of farmland quality protection application process, and the development of quality improvement technology such as soil fertility and soil improvement.  Meeting date is October 11.
  • Nathan Parry, MLRA Leader, and Elizabeth Powers, Regional Ecologist, both based in Wasilla, Alaska, will travel to Whitehorse, Canada, October 17 – 22 to work with other Federal agencies to standardize the minimum standards needed for inventory and monitoring projects in Boreal systems.
  • Michael Kucera, Agronomist, National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, Nebraska, will provide technical assistance for activities under USDA’s Pakistan “Improving Soil Fertility-Health through Extension” project.  Dates of travel are November 28 – December 12.
  • Curtis Monger, National Leader for Soil Survey Standards, National Soil Survey Center, Lincoln, Nebraska, will give a presentation on international soil horizon nomenclature at the 5th International Soil Classification Congress and IUSS Working Group.  The conference will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa from November 29 – December 9.
  • Jon Fripp, Civil Engineer, National Design, Construction, and Soil Mechanics Center, Ft. Worth, Texas, will serve as technical expert meeting with Pakistani agricultural officials to develop and agree upon key agricultural activities of the U.S.-Pakistan Water Dialogue.  Dates of travel are December 4 – 10.