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General Information

This course information is intended to help managers and employees effectively carry out the formal training program of the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). It provides a ready reference for NRCS training offered nationwide by the National Employee Development Center (NEDC) through classroom and self-study methods. It does not include training that has been developed by individual states or institutes and centers within NRCS, nor training available from outside sources. Careful selection of training from this and other sources will ensure that NRCS employees continue to provide customers the best service available.

Classroom courses are typically conducted in various locations throughout the United States. The NEDC Training Center located in Fort Worth, Texas is used extensively for this purpose. Self-study and Web-based courses are usually completed at the employee's work site.

As the employee's developmental needs are periodically reviewed with the supervisor, courses listed in the catalog meeting those requirements may be included on the employee's Individual Development Plan (IDP) through the Internet Combined Administrative Management System (AgLearn). The National Employee Development Center will develop an annual schedule of classes using the information gathered through AgLearn. Therefore, it is important that any training initiated by employees and supervisors be requested through AgLearn.

Failure to meet course prerequisites or complete pre-course assignments will reduce the value of the training. Students and supervisors should ensure all pre-course requirements are met.

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