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ITC Directory

Mailing Address:
2150 Centre Avenue, Building A, Suites 150, 227, 229, 231, and 351
Fort Collins, CO 80526-8121
Phone:  970-295-5020 (Building A Receptionist)

Fax:  970-295-5544

OCIO-Information Technology Center (ITC)

Chief Technology Officer  - Ken Rojas, 970-295-5524‚Äč

OCIO-IT Operations Division

Director - Michele Gidcumb, 970-295-5323

OCIO-IT Business Operations Division

Acting Director - Michele Gidcumb, 970-295-5323

OCIO-IT Conservation Delivery Streamlining Initiative

Program Manager - George W. Cleek, IV, 970-295-5336

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Alexander, Aaron Team Leader, Production Systems Operations, OCIO-IT  970-295-5619
Anikapati, Roop Project Manager 970-295-5387
Brothers, Chris Application Developer, OCIO-IT Natural Resources Systems Development Team 970-295-5625
  Cleek IV, George W. Program Manager, Conservation Delivery Streamlining Initiative   970-295-5336
Covie, Christine Investment Manager/Program Manger 970-295-5351
Denali, Terri Contracting Officer Technical Representative 970-295-5383
Espinoza, Lee Access Control 970-295-5680
Garand, Rob Application Developer 970-295-5476
Gidcumb, Michele Director Operations Division 970-295-5323
Mayotte, Rick Acting Manager, Quality Assurance & Support /Quality Assurance Coordinator, OCIO-IT Operations Division 970-295-5474
Moeloa, Akolotu Application Developer 970-295-5611
Munn, Troy Test Analyst, Operations Division 970-295-5389
Niederer, Paige Project Manager 970-295-5496
Polliard, Steven Contracting Officer Technical Representative 970-295-5306
Pfeiffer, Tina Procurement Specialist 970-295-5527
Rojas, Ken Chief Technology Officer 970-295-5524
Schrader, George Application Developer 970-295-5421
Shideler, John Project Manager 970-295-5476
Vining, Roel Senior IT Project Manager 970-295-5375
Weideman, Eric Production Systems Operations 970-295-5337
Whitney, Rachel Access Control 970-295-5522
Willmon, Mitch Production Systems Operations 970-295-5468
Yan, Susan Application Developer 970-295-5202